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Tears of A Nation (Les Larmes D’une Nation)

I originally wrote this in French. 2 years ago, Accra was reeling from the shock of floods and related calamities. Today in 2017, poor planning results in these same devastating floods over the country. Despicable.  Find the original piece under the ‘Poetry’ Category of this blog. – “Les Larmes D’une Nation“.  For Non french speaking … Continue reading Tears of A Nation (Les Larmes D’une Nation)

The Rant of an Irate Indigen – “21st Century Gold Rush” 

Stolen wealth, toxic rivers, polluted land. The ills of rampant mining activities. Ghana sits calmly whilst foreign miners invade our lands with the intention to rob the land blind. The impact on the environment is devastating as these miners have no regard for the land.
This piece was inspired as the writer travelled across the countyside of the rich Ashanti land.

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