Who is Tommy Maverick !?? Music that moved my Soul!


That’s the description on your mind after you hear the first seconds of any song on the Me In Me EP

A powerful voice conveying emotions and a masterful combination of natural sound instruments are the base of this description of originality.

Me In Me is identifiable under the genres of Afro Indie, Soul, Alternative and presents Tommy Maverick to the world in remarkable style!

One Week !

It is interesting to note that Me In Me was recorded in a week; from Tuesday to Tuesday amidst the constraints of a broken down system, bad logistics and frequent power outages, but after 7 days of recording and 2 weeks of mastering, Me In Me was completed!

This 4 track EP takes a listener beyond the confines of track length into a happy place filled with unabashed originality and soul inspiring vocals carried on acoustic sounds.

The main instrument in the creation of his art forms is a guitar, and indeed all music was made with natural application instruments/sound.

Track List

















Head bopping music!
Listen to Audio mastery as Tommy takes you on a journey of emotions.
Symbolically, rivers have been used in compositions to signify a long stretch of some phenomenon, sadness. The composition of the river is often the stuff of the tears of the relevant personas.
Riverbank takes you upstream a deluge of uncertain emotions stemming from a vacuum of commitment between Tommy and his mysterious addressee.
Patience is espoused in the vein of true affections as his current dilemma does not remove the possibility of hope.
“Promises being made,
I’ll always write you letters,
We’ll set sail on the rainbow . . .
. . . Travel pink from blue”
Blue represents a state of pride and sad emotions, whislt the symbolism of the rainbow creates a picture of a new beginning.
Continuity of Tommy’s emotions towards his subject is evident in his use of the continuous tense through the song.
In the creation of Riverbank, inspiration was drawn from Mumford and Sons, Vange Joy and George Ezra.

The song has a constant undertone of whistling, artfully emphasising the authenticity of the music.















 So help me God

This song was inspired by Kanye West. In his search for an album title for the project that was eventually named TLOP, So Help Me God was considered as a title.
As an artiste with a track record of creating pieces that invoke discourse relating to the true motive of his works, Kanye West is no stranger to allegations of Blasphemy and disregard of God.
With the inspiration of the title choice, this song questions the extents of our human proclamations and accordingly asks for divine guidance on how to avoid the boundaries of our curiousity.
With a clear identification of a Higher Being, Tommy Maverick puts across authentic spirituality identified in the moral compass of humanity.
So Help Me God easily sticks in a listener’s mind with its strumming and powerful vocals!
The idea of a controversial title as such creates a song that identifies the need for Supreme guidance amidst the noise and echoes of life.
“Split my red sea
Feeling all deep. . .

My hardened heart
Feels like a Pharoah. . . ”
“Can you come and save me now,
I wanna find a harmony between science and fate
Please don’t let drown. . . ”

The references to lore of Biblical relevance heighten the sense of a higher spirituality as put forward in ‘So Help Me God’. .

A brilliant piece ! Inspiration for this was identified in the art of Jake Isaac,  Kanye West and significantly; Mali Music














The Atlas


Later that night 

I held an Atlas in my lap

ran my finger across the whole world

and whispered

Where does it hurt?

It answered




-Warsan Shire

This quote from Warsan Shire inspired Tommy’s Atlas.

Atlas starts off as an address to the globe. The spirit of an atlas is personified in a character who exchanges communication with Tommy. It catches a listener with a foot-tapping rhythm! Tommy delves into the affairs of the world with a conversation with Atlas. The atlas teared up whilst identifying the reality of human life now.

Cause for woe.

The Atlas Said . .
Lord Please I Need Your Touch
Because every map in my body
Is aching much”

This hook is instrumental in conveying the idea of an aching world. Indeed, one so much in woe, its mouthpiece is the personified atlas; a representation of the globe!
Tommy Maverick comes across from the first listen as an artiste with a greater longing for some respite to the problems of Humanity.
Cognisance in the need for Divine intervention is evident in the overlying tone of subjugation of the Atlas’ pleas to the ‘Lord’.
This content is masterfully presented by the originality of Tommy’s crooning and steady strumming.

In content and in form; The Atlas is a piece of art ready for global appreciation and indeed, the inspiration of a new wave of consciousness towards the creative expression of the reality of humanity’s pains.

All elements of the song are identifiably natural sound with the instrumental being an acoustic piece played live














Too Much, Too Little


Too much too little was inspired by the affections of a young man for a lady. She is addressed in a show of love with a tone masterfully set by a string composition.
“Open your eyes, open your ears
Hear the words I’m about to say.
I know love is blind
But these words penetrate your mind

Grant me love and grant me grace”

Too much to be called like . . . Too little to be called love. . .
Powerful vocals call you out and exhort you to feel!
With raspy but powerful vocals, Tommy calls out his emotions as he struggles with the definition of the stuff of his affections.
Emotions drive questions the persona poses to his subject, enquiring:
“lemme ask a question . . .
Do you feel safe ?

. . .

Emptiness is another emotion conveyed in Too Much, Too Little and he unabashedly asks for his subject emotional substance to fill is void of regression.

Fill the void that I’m thinking in.”

Uncertainty is rife in the persona’s address, and this stems from his inability to adequately classify his emotions in addressing his lover.

Too Much, Too Little drew creativity inspiration from Leo Stannard and Asa.

Tommy Maverick is awe inspiring and will steal your heart and your mind when you listen to any of his masterpieces !
Enjoy your listening !!


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