​Indoctrination, indoctrination !

Please speak out!

They’re slowly killing a nation 

Divided on flimsy grounds of parties 

We don’t look far for  facts 

Like steady drops of water 

Each ‘scandal’ hitting our concrete

Erodes the structure

The public sees this ? 

Mere fodder for fire 

Propaganda for media 

Ammo for slander

One month later

and it’s swept away

A fresh allegation to consider

Caught in a Web of fiction

The spun tales amuse a mass of petty thinkers. 

Bickering and menacing to spark

That unending conflict 
To buy into your mind and occupy your thoughts

Whilst the meandering and pilfering happens 

Thievery in degrees 

No assurance of sincerity

The mere fact of a backing 

Implies a dependence on the fruits of the masses


Creativity and ingenuity are pushed to the corner 

Routine function negligible in the trajectory of development 

The greater portion prefer the destructive cost of avarice 

A country so religious, yet so unethical! 

Admittedly, the faith filled nation has spawned an amazing wave of religious entrepreneurs 

“Tax Free Income”

Opportunity Cost 

Seen in the growing plebeian masses 

Prior subsistence economics

Now the philosophy of poverty in a world at the peak of globalisation 


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