It’s 4:45AM on 8th December 2016 and Ghana wakes up to the not so subtle winds of change. . .

 Or did Ghana sleep at all ?

The citizenry have shown unprecedented  vigilance through this year’s electoral process; made possible by the advent of mass social media usage.  Across Facebook and Twitter, Ghanaian bloggers eagerly compared election results and shared news on who was losing and who was winning.

Snippets of humour made it through with mass mockery of Papa Ndoum’s votes making him a number 1 trending topic on twitter .


Marketing in Ghana has seen no wider proliferation for a single cause than the campaign for #JMToaso that swept over our online space over the last month. TV was flooded with animated videos, star studded ads, drone montage mixed with CGIs of infrastructural projects. Ads popped up on the most obscure Web pages advertising the green, red, white and black of the incumbency.

(I’d like an unpaid internship with whoever executed that marketing campaign)

At the end of the day, the visible lead is being carried by Nana Akuffo Addo, NPP Flagbearer whose key connection to the masses came in the most unexpected form.


A picture of Nana Akuffo Addo sipping Kalyppo for refreshment went viral in October 2016.

The response of Ghanaians to this was an unprecedented occurrence.

All over the nation, Ghanaians hopped on to the #KalyppoChallenge strongly and showed unison in sharing the darling drink with Nana Addo through their ingenious posts that flew through the Ghanaian digital space.

I saw repeatedly in writing, how the beginning of the  #KalyppoChallenge was ascribed to a ploy of the incumbency to take a piss at Nana that backfired.

To be honest, I didn’t see that initial claim happen.

What I did see however, was the instant connection of Ghanaians all over to that gentleman, perhaps by virtue of national affinity to that refreshing box of juice or its symbolism as a general icon in the life of the average Ghanaian. The rest is history.

Whatever the case be however, the #KalyppoChallenge was a mass patronised one and saw social media streams flooded with people sipping on boxes of juice, sometimes in the most hilarious ways possible.

The #KalyppoChallenge in my opinion, is the greatest single determinant of this election and as an enthusiast in ethical social media, it brought to the fore just how much Ghana’s advertising space has changed from traditional to digital media.

Seemingly unorchestrated, the #KalyppoChallenge showed how national concerns could be communicated effectively through a social media trend, reaching previously unattainable levels of mass participation in Ghana.

Well, it’s still quite early (in the morning) and official results haven’t been declared yet by the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

But then again, let it be said that Kalyppo was became the most iconic symbol leading up to the 2016 Ghana Elections.

It’s 5:26 AM. I wonder if any Waakye sellers are out yet. Kalyppo against Waakye won’t be a bad way to start off my day.