Tears of A Nation (Les Larmes D’une Nation)

I originally wrote this in French.
2 years ago, Accra was reeling from the shock of floods and related calamities. Today in 2017, poor planning results in these same devastating floods over the country. Despicable. 
Find the original piece under the ‘Poetry’ Category of this blog. – “Les Larmes D’une Nation“. 
For Non french speaking readers, find the translated version here:

Tears of a Nation

You hear the thunder rumbling?

Do you see the storm clouds covering the sky?

We live in dark times.

Literally dark times,

Steady electricity supply, a myth

Steady potable water flow, a luxury

It’s sad

Living like it’s the Stone Age in the 21st century


Each day, they lie to us further

Turn on your radio and listen to the corrupt politicians

“Budgetary growth looks to rise in upcoming months”

They say plenty words, but mean nothing at all

The man on the street sees no projected growth!

He sees suffering, he feels Hunger!

Sickening, unending hunger


The politicians grow fatter,

Their mansions grow bigger

The sons of Mother Ghana,

Robbing, plundering, breaking her heart

Have you ever seen a mother raped over and over by her children?

Think about this . . . What a horror!

  • Look at Ghana!



Look at the headlines of daily newspapers

Corruption, calamities, fires and floods!

The source of these floods?

The overflowing tears of Mother Ghana


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