The Rant of an Irate Indigen – “21st Century Gold Rush” 

Stolen wealth, toxic rivers, polluted land. The ills of rampant mining activities. Ghana sits calmly whilst foreign miners invade our lands with the intention to rob the land blind. The impact on the environment is devastating as these miners have no regard for the land. This piece was inspired as the writer travelled across the countyside of the rich Ashanti land.



​Indoctrination, indoctrination ! Please speak out! They're slowly killing a nation Divided on flimsy grounds of parties We don't look far for  facts Like steady drops of water Each 'scandal' hitting our concrete Erodes the structure The public sees this ? Mere fodder for fire Propaganda for media Ammo for slander One month later and … Continue reading “Politricking”

Les Larmes D’Une Nation: “Flash floods and overflowing woes”

Ghana faces repetitive annual floods annually with the onset of June rains. . . The result of poor adminstration ? A general sense of apathy to the environment? Poor Planning? A general state of civic dissatisfaction with the increasing cost of living coupled with the foreboding woes of which this piece speaks of. Originally written in French, a complete appraisal of the content requires an appreciation of the content form . . .